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  • some impressions from our Clinical Tutor Training II which was held at AbeOS Osteopathy School in Raiano, Italy.

Open Forum 2018

“Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics” is the topic of OsEAN’s 6th “Open Forum for Osteopathic Education” conference, which will be held on 18th & 19th October 2018 in Lyon, France. Registration will open in March.


This certification scheme specifies the procedure to evaluate and certify whether an osteopathic education provider meets the OsEAN "Standard for the Management of Osteopathic Educational Providers".

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OsEAN accepts memberships from educational structures which provide education and training in the osteopathic field. Individuals, however, cannot become members of OsEAN.

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BECAM 2.0 Animal Osteopathy and Wellness
29th - 30th September 2018
Barcelona Osteopathic Congress (EOB) 2019
18th - 19th May 2019

Teacher Training

July 2019 
Module B3
Assessment Strategies

Gives a brief overview of the different assessments methods used commonly in medical and osteopathic education... Read more...

Examiner Pool

It is regarded as good practice to use external examiners for the final clinical exams. The Examiner Pool, which OsEAN offers, is a list of accredited examiners of its member schools.

Students Exchange

OsEAN Students Exchange program allows students of the OsEAN member schools to spend up to 7 days at any other school which is part of the program, attending courses and/or a teaching clinic.

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