Open Forum "Innovation in Osteopathic Education"


The registration for our fourth OSEAN Open Forum with the topic of "Innovation in Osteopathic Education" is now open.

We are proud to present you an interesting program filled with presentations and workshops that are all related to the use of technology and teaching aids in osteopathic education, the growing influence of educational science, and the stimulation of critical thinking. 

Our keynote lecturers include amongst others Paolo Tozzi and Davide Bongiorno, Terence Ma, Gerald Thrush and Scott Helf, and Jorge Esteves.

You can download the programme HERE.

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We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!


Adrian Barnes MSc(Ost) D.O (1955 – 2014)

OSEAN is sad to announce that Adrian Barnes, Principal of the ESO, passed away on Thursday February 6th 2014 after collapsing in the gym. OSEAN sends its condolences to his wife Janet, Ian, Emma and the family.
Adrian became the Principal of the ESO in April 2007. He worked closely with the Board of Trustees, senior management team, staff and faculty to place the School in its current strong position, both educationally and financially. He worked to further develop the School’s reputation internationally as well as to ensure its position as one of the top osteopathic education institutions in the United Kingdom.
Adrian graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1978 and returned to teach osteopathic technique and clinic in the same year. He continued to combine a career in osteopathic education with his clinical practice throughout his working life. His osteopathic education career led him to teach at other osteopathic education institutions in the UK and Europe.
During his career, Adrian worked with a number of people from various institutions and organisations, supporting OSEAN in many ways.

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  • To establish and develop common research streams
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  • To develop a standardised model of osteopathic education throughout Europe
  • To establish high academic teaching standards by making sure that osteopathic lecturers  are trained in education

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