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Robert K. Muts, BSc. D.O. / D.M. / CS-Amsterdam

Rob Muts 2.1


Study: Osteopathy (Belgium), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.

Job: Director of the College for Osteopathy Sutherland Amsterdam and the Academy of Mesology. Founder and director of the Integrated Medical Centre in Amsterdam, a centre for diagnosis and therapy in complementary health.

Specialty: Osteopathy in the visceral field, peritoneum and nutrician.



Franck Cimala, D.O. / CEESO Lyon

Franck Cimala 1


 Franck is an osteopath and the principal of CEESO Lyon.



Jöry Pauwels, MSc. D.O. / FICO

Jöry Pauwels 1


Jöry Pauwels was born in Belgium in 1976, studied physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Leuven Belgium and continued with Manual therapy and education in teaching. After that continued at Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO), moving on from student, to assistant, to teacher, finally becoming joint principal of FICO.
Professionally Jöry is active at FICO, postgraduate courses, his private clinic, the FICO clinic and high end physical sport (osteopath Belgian national rugby and traditional karate team). Apart from working at FICO, Jöry teaches in a number of European countries on short lever manipulation techniques of the spine & peripheral skeleton and on gynaecology & obstetrics.
Jöry’s mission for the future is to further the development of osteopathic teaching, the expansion of FICO.



Alessio Iacopini, D.O., BSc MS, Clinical Posturologist / C.R.O.M.O.N.

Alessio Iacopini


He is the head of CROMON School of Osteopathy – Rome International Department and a lecturer of osteopathic rationale and fascial approach at:

 • CROMON School Of Osteopathy – Rome,
 • SOI School of Osteopathy – Rome,
 • OSD School of Osteopathy – Hamburg,
 • and University of Tor Vergata – Rome

Iacopini works as an osteopath at his private practice in Portoferraio – Livorno, Italy.



Charles Bruford D.O. / ESO

Charles Bruford

  Charles Bruford, CEO/Principal of the European School of Osteopathy since September 2014. Director and owner at Hythe Osteopathic Clinic Ltd. since Jul 2005.
Course Leader at the European School of Osteopathy, September 2008-2015. International Lecturer at the European School of Osteopathy, member of Board of Trustees at the ESO.



Carmine Castagna, BSc. D.O. / ISO Milan

Carmine Castagna 1    Carmine is an osteopath and the principal of ISO Milan.



Melanie Coutinho, BSc. D.O. (GOsC – UK)

Melanie Coutinho


Melanie studied Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy in the UK. She has held the role of Principal / Director at two UK Osteopathic Schools – The College of Osteopaths (COET) & The Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM), and a European School – The Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM).  She is the only UK Osteopath to have held three Principal/Directorships. Melanie specializes in the design & development of Osteopathic degrees and curricula, she has written or led the successful development of 7 BSc., 1 MOst and 1 MSc degrees, and worked with 7 UK Universities. She led the establishment of SIOM and ICOM. She is a senior lecturer (in technique & ethics) and a University External Examiner (for both UK and International Osteopathic schools / colleges). Melanie is also an Assessor for applicants wishing to register with the GOsC.
Melanie’s mission is to facilitate the provision of high quality Osteopathic education Internationally.

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