Module B5 - Using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) within Osteopathic Education

WHEN possibly Spring 2021
COST for OsEAN members: €290,00 / for non-members: € 390,00
to be announced

Aims & Objectives

  • To give a brief overview of the use of ICT in higher education.
  • To explore the range and scope of ICT in medical education and it’s potential in Osteopathic education.
  • The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – e.g. Moodle
  • To consider how integrating ICT could impact on student development.
  • To consider how using ICT can have positive impacts for the teacher and for management of the programme.
  • Taking a step beyond PowerPoint / Keynote.
  • How to plan for and embed ICT methods within your lectures.

Learning Outcomes

The candidate should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and understanding of the range and scope of a variety of ICT methods which can be used in Osteopathic Education.
  • Integrate within their own academic work the principles learned during this module, with a view to embedding ICT where applicable, for the benefit of the student and their own teaching.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of ICT within student assessment.

Teaching methods

  • Theoretical lecture aided by PowerPoint Presentations
  • In Group Discussions
  • On-line research and exploration
  • Practical and theoretical Workshops
  • Handouts


An e-presentation – e.g. audio / video or vlog or other form of ICT demonstrating reflection of the use of ICT within their own area of teaching. The presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in duration or 800-1200 words in length.
Deadline for submission: 3 months after the seminar.

Module Leader

Melanie Coutinho BSc (Hons) D.O. PGCHE (7407)

Melanie has over 30 years extensive experience at all levels of Osteopathic Education in the UK and Europe. She has written and led the development of seven UK Osteopathic degrees up to MSc level, and has held the Principle’s role of two UK and one EU Osteopathic School. She works as an Osteopathic assessor for the GOsC and QAA, has been an External Examiner and Moderator for a number of Universities in the UK and currently also works as an educational consultant for Osteopathic Institutions across Europe.