Module B3 - Assessment Strategies

0WHEN July 2019
LOCATION AbeO.S. - Via Giovanni Falcone, n. 5., Raiano, Italy
COST for OsEAN members: €290,00 / for non-members: € 390,00
LANGUAGE English (with translation to Italian)
REGISTRATION to be annonced

Aims & Objectives

  • To give a brief overview of the different assessments methods used commonly in medical and osteopathic education.
  • To provide historical backgrounds in relation to assessment in general.
  • To  introduce Bloom’s taxonomies and Romiszosvki’s knowledge classifications
  • To highlight the interaction between learning outcomes, module descriptors and assessment.
  • To provide different examples, adapted to different educational levels, of various forms of assessment  
  • To define the different assessment types used within osteopathic education, especially practical, clinical and theoretical assessment

Learning Outcomes

The candidate should be able to:

  • integrate within their own academic work the principles, learned during this module, updating existing exam papers, adjusting different assessment levels, develop new assessment strategies and consciously addressing assessment issues in their own institution;
  • show an understanding of  the historical background in relation to assessment methods in the medical educational field and its evolution over the past century:
  • integrate, understand and develop different forms of assessment according to the level in which the candidate examines;
  • understand the difference between assessment levels

Teaching methods

  • Theoretical lecture aided by PowerPoint Presentations
  • In Group Discussions
  • Practical and theoretical Workshops
  • Handouts


Essay - 2000 Words
Deadline for submission: 3 months after the seminar

Module Leader

Melanie Coutinho BSc (Hons) D.O. PGCHE (7407)

Melanie has over 30 years extensive experience at all levels of Osteopathic Education in the UK and Europe. She has written and led the development of seven UK Osteopathic degrees up to MSc level, and has held the Principle’s role of two UK and one EU Osteopathic School. She works as an Osteopathic assessor for the GOsC and QAA, has been an External Examiner and Moderator for a number of Universities in the UK and currently also works as an educational consultant for Osteopathic Institutions across Europe.

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