Module A2 - Learning Theories (online)

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Non-OsEAN Members € 390 / Module A1 + A2 € 730
PRE-REQUISITES  Module A1 - Essential Skills in Osteopathic Education

Learning Theories is an online module designed for 10 participants per course only. The course is 6 weeks long (60 learning hours) with 3 online meetings held every other week on Tuesday at 19:00 CET. At these meetings participants can discuss matters and ask questions.

Aims and Objectives

  • To brief overview educational theories and their application in health education.
  • To explore in greater depth behaviourist concepts of conditioning; and the cognitive and constructivist concepts including schema generation Vygotsky’s social constructivism.
  • Different learning styles will be discussed with an emphasis on meta cognition.
  • To give an introduction to aspects of the neurobiology of learning.

Learning outcomes

The candidate should be able to:

  • The candidate should be able to:
  • To discriminate between the key concepts underpinning a range of learning theories and to evaluate how these may be applied within osteopathic education.
  • Reflect on different learning styles and apply them within their teaching practice.
  • To discuss some basic principles of the neurobiology of learning.

Teaching methods

  • On line Moodle module
  • Synchronous Group Discussions
  • Asynchronous forum discussion
  • eLearning through Moodle Website

Required Reading

  • Pritchard, A. (2008). Ways of Learning - Learning theories and learning styles in the classroom (2nd Aufl.). London: David Fulton Publishers Ltd : [distributor] Taylor & Francis, c/o Bookpoint.
  • Swanwick, T. (2013). Understanding Medical Education: Evidence,Theory and Practice (2. Auflage). Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons.
Recommended Reading:
  • Cantillon. (2010). ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine (2 edition). BMJ Books.
  • Schunk, D. H. (2000). Learning theories: an educational perspective. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merrill.

Module Leader

TBD soon

Unfortunately, due to other appointments Jon Parsons cannot lead the course. The OsEAN Team is working on finding another equally qualified lecturer. Please excuse the inconvenience.

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