Benefits, Duties and Fees

Member benefits include

  • finding strong partners for collaboration and innovation in osteopathic education and sharing their experience
  • staying up to date on developments in European and international osteopathy
  • being part of a network for exchanging teachers and students
  • helping to create a unified voice of Osteopathic Educational Institutions in a time of emerging European standards
  • having a word in the development of educational standards
  • using a strong trademark for high quality in Osteopathic Education

Members have the following duties:

  • comply with the “OsEAN Educational Standard”
  • send a representative to at least one meeting per year
  • have a representative attend the majority of the bimonthly online conference calls
  • participate actively in the ongoing projects
  • pay the annual membership fee (currently 1.100,- Euro per school)
The complete bylaws of OsEAN are available here.
OsEAN's working language is English.