OsEAN Member Schools - Centro Studi di Osteopatia Tradizionale

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Piazza dell'Enciclopedia Italiana, 50
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School Overview
CSOT is a school based on the osteopathic tradition that proposes a full and comprehensive teaching programme for all aspects of cranial, structural, fascial, visceral and functional techniques. The origins of the school are based on the teachings of French, British and American osteopaths. Some teachers come from France and England, for example. The key point is the specificity of a rigorous teaching that is updated and allows students to have solid bases in rational osteopathy and in EBM. It is a school in which the student is considered the focus of the teaching, so that he is consistently followed both during the classroom classes, through a large number of assistants, and listened to his didactic and pedagogic needs. All teachers have at least a 10-year training and personal clinical experience that they use both in frontal and clinical lessons. The school already welcomed some students from the OsEAN schools and it is always happy to make possible the meeting of students for the interesting cultural exchanges it involves.

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