St. Herblain Meeting - Résumé

OsEAN Meeting Nantes, France 16.March 2017

The spring annual meeting of OsEAN took place on 15th & 16th March 2017 in Saint Herblain, Nantes, France at the IdHEO building right before the days of their 11th Osteopathic International Symposium on the theme of multidisciplinary management of sleep disorders. 16 OsEAN representatives from 13 member schools and 5 representatives of 4 membership candidate schools were present. The representatives of the applicant schools brought a lot of fresh blood and new ideas to the meeting, which showed how much they want to be a part of our network. As usual the meeting was very productive and full of discussions.

This meeting was mainly dedicated to further developing all OsEAN exchange programmes such as the Student Exchange, Teacher Exchange and also Examiner Exchange. Pro and contras were discussed, the ways to motivate students and teachers to participate, the importance of participating, the impact of such programmes on osteopathic education in Europe and what needed to be done in order to make these programmes better. All of the lively group discussions led to a very productive meeting during which a lot of decisions has being taken.

Another topic of the meeting was the Open Forum 2018 which will take place in Lyon on October 18th & 19th 2018, the topic is Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics. The call for papers has been already send out and we expect many submissions. This time we have a special offer for all those who want to come in numbers – pay 4 get 5. If a school register 5 of its teachers, it will have to pay for only 4. This offer is also valid for a school with 5 presenters, it will only pay the fees for 4 of them. Schools are also invited to shoot a short clip (5 to 10 min) about how they teach diagnostics. (More information will be available on our webpage soon.) Last year for the first time OsEAN introduced its Research Award for students of its member schools and at this Open Forum we will continue with it.

The F.B.E.O. (from Madrid) presented their school and announced their interest in becoming OsEAN member. After the membership committee has reviewed their application, F.B.E.O. was invited to the next step of the application process – contacting ASI and undergoing an audit. We also expect the AbeOS and AIMO to join our association officially before the end of this year.

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