Presenters Open Forum 2018

Carmine Castagna
D.O., BSc. (Hons) Ost, PGc. Edu.
Carmine Castagna OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics  

Carmine Castagna, followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming an osteopath. He studied at the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia (ISO), Milan, completing the BSc (Hons) Ost degree course in 2008. From that year onwards he has been a practicing osteopath, as well as active in osteopathic education. In 2010, he became principal of the ISO, a full time osteopathic degree course college; in the same year he was chosen as vice-chairman for the education committee of the ROI Register of Osteopaths of Italy. Since 2012 is working on the professional profile of osteopaths in Italy. In 2013 is Italian deputy to the CEN (European Committee for Standardization), engaged in the definition of the professional profile of osteopaths in Europe. In 2014 he competed a postgraduate certificated in  academic and clinical education at the British School of Osteopathy . It’s actually involved in the writing of the core competence of osteopathy for the ROI, and member of the boar of Directors of the OsEAN.

Arnaud Crepin
Arnaud Crepin OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics


Graduated in Osteopathy at Ostéobio, France, in 2002. He is currently working in private practice in Paris and Rebais, a Parisian suburb.
Since 2003 he has been teaching at Ostéobio specializing in the field of Visceral, he took up the responsibilities of research and, since 2012, he is in charge of professional development at the school.

Tim Daelemans
MSc. PT. BSc. MSc. Ost.

Tim Daelemans OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostic


The author is the director of the FICO osteopathy academy. The academy has sites on different locations in the EU. He is also a teacher in both the base education as on an international post-graduate level and on international congresses. He's an advocate of scientific foundation of the osteopathic medicine. The author is also an auditor for the ASI - OsEAN collaboration and a co - author of the European norm on osteopathic services (CEN).

Jorge E. Esteves
PhD MA BSc. (Ost) D.O. PG Dip. Ed. FRSM
Jorge Esteves OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics


Jorge has practised osteopathy since 1993. He is an Honorary Professor at the University College of Osteopathy in London and an Associate Professor at Instituto Piaget in Portugal, where he is the Scientific Coordinator for the Bachelor’s degree in Osteopathy. Apart from his academic work at Institute Piaget and the University College of Osteopathy, Jorge is the medical director at the Osteopathic Health Centre in Dubai; he is also an Associate Editor for the International Journal for Osteopathic Medicine, member of the Board of Directors of the Collaboration for Osteopathic Medicine Research, collaborates in a number research projects and lectures and assesses at various schools worldwide.

Hans Fauville
MSc. Ost D.O.
Hans Fauville OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics


Senior lecturer at FICO Osteopathy Academy, International postgraduate course teacher , Vice  president of FICO Osteopathy Academy

Philippe Gadet
Philippe Gadet - OsEAN Open Forum Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics, Lyon 2018

  Recently graduated in osteopathy after an 18-year career as a Naval Aviation pilot, I gained teaching and pedagogical expertise as an instructor pilot. Author and technical advisor in osteopathy with the editor Elsevier, I published as co-author "Fiches Pratiques d’Anatomie Palpatoire en Ostéopathie" in French and Spanish langage. In June 2018 will be published my second book « Maîtriser l’Examen Clinique en Ostéopathie – L’Examen Pas à Pas ». In parallel, I’m working as technical advisor on the French version of Thomas Myers’ best-seller of manual therapy «  Anatomy Trains ». I am trained in the practice of Therapeutic Education, a concept that I develop in my daily care and in my latest book.

Karine Gagnon
Karine Gagnon OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics


Academic degrees:

  • Graduate in Physiotherapy from the Université de Montréal in 1998
  • Graduate in Osteopathy from the Centre ostéopathique du Québec in 2007
  • Certificate in Pedagogy of Higher Education from the Université de Sherbrooke in 2014
Work experience:
  • Private practice in perinatal osteopathy since 2007
  • Clinical supervisor at the Centre ostéopathique du Québec from 2008 to 2012
  • Teacher at the Centre ostéopathique du Québec since 2011
  • Clinical training director at the Centre ostéopathique du Québec since 2013

Sandra Grace
Associate Professor (PhD, MSc., DC, D.O., BA)
Sandra Grace OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

  Associate Professor Sandra Grace is Director of Research in the School of Health and Human Sciences and Deputy Chair, Academic Board (Research) at Southern Cross University. She has extensive research experience investigating primary health care, practice-based education, interprofessional education and practice, and integrative and complementary medicine. She has built strong collaborations with health professional associations, federal government regulation agencies, national and international medical, allied health and complementary medicine curriculum designers and educators to maximise the impact of her  research. Sandra was Course Co-ordinator for the Master of Osteopathic Medicine program at Southern Cross University for six years and has co-ordinated the research projects of students enrolled in the program for the past seven years. Sandra has also enjoyed her part-time clinical practice as an osteopath and chiropractor for over 30 years.

Rik Hoste
Rik Hoste OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics   Rik Hoste, born in 1962, studied at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and holds a master’s degree in physiotherapy. Afterwards he began to study Osteopathic Medicine at the Andrew Taylor Still Academy (France). He received his DO degree in 2000. Since then he is part of the faculty at the College of Osteopathic Medicine Sutherland in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The fields in which Rik Hoste teaches are the Visceral Thoracic System, Cranial Nerves, Balanced Ligamentous Tension Techniques and Scientific Methodology.
Rik Hoste was also involved in the creation of CORPP (Commission for Osteopathic Research Practice and Promotion) and graduated in 2009 in Biotherapy and Homotoxicology.
In addition now to his private osteopathy practice ( and to his teaching assignments at the College for Osteopathy Sutherland Amsterdam (The Netherlands,, Rik Hoste is since 2013 also the founder and manager of RUNNING AND MORE (, a sports medical test center in Bruges (Belgium), where athletes of all kinds of sports are screened from an osteopathic holistic point of view in the areas of biomechanics, injury prevention, exercise physiology, physical training, medical diagnostics and sports nutrition.

Franck Garnier
D.O., MSc., PhD student sciences education
    I have been an osteopath for 7 years and I teach osteopathy at COS school in Strasbourg for 5 years. Two years ago I obtained a Master's degree in Medical Pedagogy at the Faculty of Medicine in Strasbourg and I am currently studying for a PhD in Education Sciences at the University of Strasbourg.

Geneviève Lord-Bentkowski
Geneviève Lord Bentkowski OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

Academic degrees:
  • Graduate in Bachelor of Science, specialisation in Exercise Science: Athletic Therapy from Concordia University in 2004 
  • Graduate in Osteopathy from the Centre ostéopathique du Québec in 2011
 Work experience:
  • Private practice in osteopathy since 2011
  • Clinical supervisor at the Centre ostéopathique du Québec since 2012
  • Teacher at the Centre ostéopathique du Québec since 2014

Christian Lunghi
Lunghi Christian OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

  Christian Lunghi works as osteopath and naturopath in Rome and Bracciano (Italy). He is a member of the Italian Advisory Board of the Centre of Osteopathic Medicine Collaboration foundation (COME), and member of the Research Commitee and of the National Examining Board , and of the Core Competence Working Group of the Italian Register of Osteopaths (ROI). He lectures on osteopathic clinical reasoning and rational of osteopathic medicine. He is author and co-author of books and publications in indexed journals.

Hakim Mhadhbi
D.O., MSc.
Hakim Mhadhbi OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

  Head of the Clinical Practice at the Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes
I qualified as an Osteopath in 2005 and currently work full time at the Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes, where I am an Associate Professor and the Head of the Clinical Department.
I also completed a Master Degree in Biomechanics (2013) involving the use of infrared thermography analysing lower limb temperature distribution pattern during exercise. I’m currently collaborating at several projects on sport sciences exploring the influence of osteopathic treatment on joint kinematics and muscle lengths. My research interests include applied anatomy and their application within osteopathic practice, e-learning in osteopathic education and the use of simulation as a tool for clinical reasoning.

Mario González
D.O., MSc.
Mario Gonzalez OsEAN Open Forum Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics, Lyon 2018

  Mario is Co-Principal and teacher at FBEO since 2009 in Madrid. He has a large clinical experience since graduating in Physiotherapy in 1988 (Institut Libre d'enseignement supérieur paramédical de Bruxelles) and as an osteopath in 1992 in the FBO (Formation Belge des Ostéopathes).
Since 1988 he has been working in private practice and it was in 2000 when moved to Madrid.
He is currently the director of the “FBEO Osteopathy and Advanced Medicine Clinic”.
He has a vast international osteopathic postgraduate training (in different áreas and models) and he is MSc in Osteopathy by UCAM (San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia).
His teaching career in Osteopathy began more than15 years ago. He has taught in several schools of Osteopathy and University Masters in both Europe and Latin America.
He is passionate about the analysis of movement, biomechanics and the synergy of myofascial chains.

Aurelien Noyer
M.Ost, BSc.
Aurelien Noyer OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

  Aurelien qualified as an osteopath with an M.Ost from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly known as the British School of Osteopathy) in 2017 and currently works in private practice. He has a background in sport and exercise science having completed a BSc (Hons) from the University of Birmingham in 2013. His research interests include clinical reasoning, osteopathic education, sports nutrition and mechanisms of training adaptation.

Benjamin Soares
D.O., Pedagogic Master degree
Benjamin Soares OsEAN Open Forum Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

2013 - degree in osteopathy
2013 - 2016 : assistant in CEESO Lyon
2016 - inter-university degree in medical pedagogy - Medical University of Strasbourg
2017 - Pedagogic Master degree - Medical University of Strasbourg
2017 - Pedagogic coordinator in CEESO Lyon, in charge of Faculty development and Didactic translation/pedagogic transcription for to organise teacher's training.
Five years osteopathy studies and D.O. later, Benjamin Soares decides to begin pedagogic ones, to become a teacher.  Realizing as medicine as well osteopathy, teacher's training and pedagogy are not yet developed, he decides to create and develop a  competency framework with the didactic translation.

Oliver Thomson
Dr. (PhD, MSc, PG Cert, BSc (Hons), D.O.
Dr Oliver Thomson OsEAN Open Forum 2018 Teaching Osteopathic Diagnostics

  Dr.Oliver Thomson is a practicing osteopath and Associate Professor at the UCO and leads the research teaching for the full time undergraduate course and the varied postgraduate osteopathy programs. Oliver completed his PhD in osteopathy at the University of Brighton, Clinical Research Centre for Health Professions, where he explored clinical decision-making. His research interests include clinical decision reasoning, professional identity and beliefs, and qualitative research into therapeutic approaches, practitioners' attitudes towards biopsychosocial factors, the nature of clinical expertise, osteopaths' attitudes towards evidence-informed practice, and the influence of communication and language on patients' beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. He is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and is on the international advisory board for Musculoskeletal Science and Practice (formerly Manual Therapy). In 2015, Oliver was amongst the first cohort selected for the Osteopathic Leadership Programme, in collaboration with the OU.

Matteo Turinetto
D.O., M.Sc. Ost.
    Matteo Turinetto is senior lecturer, clinical tutor and Didactic Coordinator for Full time and Part time program at Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia (ISO).
Graduating as DO, in 2002, from ISO with a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy validated by the University of Wales, begun his activities as Osteopathic Medicine teacher assistant and lecturer at ISO till present.
From 2007 al 2014 was ISO’s Course Coordinator and actively participated the validation process with Bucks New University and developing  BSc e MSc Full Time courses curricula.
In 2014 reinforce his educational competencies with the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic and Clinical Education taught by The British School of Osteopathy where in 2016 complete the  Master of Science Degree in Osteopathy (MSc. Ost.)

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