Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of the lymphatic system, the key to CFS/ME and fibromyalgia

3 day workshop on the lymphatic & glymphatic system

Teacher: Raymond Perrin
Language: English
Date: 18 May 2023 – 20 May 2023

Ever since Aselli first documented the lymphatic system nearly 400 years ago there has been one basic consistency within the medical world whether orthodox or complementary regarding this incredibly important part of the human anatomy and physiology which is involved in every pathology to affect our health and that is Ignorance.

The ignorance is not usually the fault of the practitioner it is the educational system that lays much more emphasis on the other important systems of the body for example the cardiovascular-respiratory, gastro-intestinal and in osteopathy the neuro-muscular skeletal systems. However healthy lymphatics are paramount in all these systems and we as osteopaths need to go back to our roots.