Post graduate course: The fluidic approach to treating fascia at College Sutherland Amsterdam

Instagram CS Amsterdam the fluidic approachLearn how to address the patient's fascia through a layered (rather than chain-like) approach!

This postgraduate international course challenges several of the commonly held paradigms regarding the understanding and treatment of fascial tissue. In particular, it focuses on the often overlooked, yet critically important role of loose connective tissue. Not only in giving and maintaining the fascia’s fibrous form, but rather in the regulation of the health of the body.

The fluidic approach to treating fascia is a mix of theory and practice, it offers participants the visual advantage of viewing slides of freshly (non-preserved) dissected connective tissue in conjunction with the kinesthetic application of their hands on their workshop partners.

College Sutherland in Amsterdam offers a complete course spread over 3 days, from 17 till 19 march 2023.

The teacher of this course is none other than D.O. Jane Stark, author of Still’s Fascia, a book about the A.T. Still’s views on fascia and much more. In 2020 she published Journeyman, a biography about the early life of William Garner Sutherland. Jane is recognised internationally as an osteopathic historiographer, author, and workshop leader on the fluidic approach to treating connective tissue and osteopathic history. To date, Jane has lectured or taught in 12 countries.

Jane is known for using a comprehensive theoretical approach, her practical familiarity with dissection of fresh tissue, and years of clinical experience as an osteopathic manual practitioner and certified athletic therapist. She explains, demonstrates, and supervises the practice of a variety of therapeutic treatment applications on connective tissue using a fluidic, rather than a fibrous, approach.

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The fluidic approach to treating fascia

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