Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment of the lymphatic system, the key to CFS/ME and fibromyalgia

Postgraduate course by Raymond Perrin, 17th to 19th March 2022


Fluid draining through perivascular spaces into the (g)lymphatic system.

A postgraduate course that will give you a completely new insight, clinical approach and dramatical increase in therapeutic success.

Previous editions filled up fast, Raymond Perrin attracts an international audience.
As cherry on the cake: learn the award- winning Perrin technique!

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3 day workshop on the lymphatic & glymphatic system

The key element in your clinical work. The recent findings support the hypothesis that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a disorder of retrograde lymphatic drainage leading to neurotoxic build up within the central nervous system leading to physical signs that have been recently validated in a blind controlled trial in the UK (Hives, 2017) and can be treated using techniques developed over the past three decades to restore a healthier neuro-lymphatic flow.
It is possible that many other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s , Motor Neurone Disease, neuro-borreliosis and possibly some psychiatric disorders that still baffle medical science may share a similar pathophysiological disorder affecting the neuro-lymphatic drainage system.
Experience the lymphatic continuum in its structure and function, boost your results in the clinic and accelerate your recovery speed.

Ever since Aselli first documented the lymphatic system nearly 400 years ago there has been one basic consistency within the medical world whether orthodox or complementary regarding this incredibly important part of the human anatomy and physiology which is involved in every pathology to affect our health and that is Ignorance.

The ignorance is not usually the fault of the practitioner it is the educational system that lays much more emphasis on the other important systems of the body for example the cardiovascular-respiratory , gastro-intestinal and in osteopathy the neuro-muscular skeletal systems. However healthy lymphatics are paramount in all these systems and we as osteopaths need to go back to our roots as Andrew Taylor Still said: “illness is mainly due to stagnation of body fluids and that if you can stimulate blood flow and other fluid motion including cerebro-spinal fluid and lymphatic drainage then the body will recover” Stagnation in the lymph results in “fermentation, fever, sickness and death.”

When asked about the “eternal truths” of osteopathy, Dr Still responded, “[Those truths] are found in the spinal column with all of its intricate bony framework, plus the beautiful circulation of blood and lymph through the nerve centers of the spinal cord and throughout the whole body.”

Sutherland stated: “When you tap the waters of the brain by compressing the fourth ventricle see what happens in the lymphatic system. Visualise the lymph node that is holding some poison that has gathered there, changing the constituency before the lymph is moved along into the venous system”

Still admitted, “Possibly less is known of the lymphatics than any other division of the life-sustaining machinery of man.”

Learn the techniques of osteopathic luminaries such as Millard, Barber, Miller, Millie, Zinc, Sutherland and even Still himself. As well as understanding seminal lymphatic techniques of Vodder & Chicky.

With practical technique sessions on effleurage, petrissage, pedal, thoracic, abdominal pump techniques and so much more including the award winning ground breaking Perrin Technique developed by Dr Perrin over 28 years to drain the recently proven neuro-lymphatic (glymphatic) system.

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