Presenters Student Open Forum 2021

Andrea Bergna
D.O. BSc. PT
Andrea Bergna - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020  

Andrea Bergna is a BSc PT graduated from University of Milan since 1993 and an Osteopath since 1997. He is specialized in the orthopaedic, traumatology and sports field, collaborating with various specialists and having worked in the Italian Federation of Athletics, for different athletic societies and having himself been an athlete of national interest.

He is founding member of SOMA - Istituto Osteopatia Milano since 2000 where he is Director of Studies for Type 1 Course, Head of the Research Department and teaches osteopathic principles and practice, in particular by developing a learning program for the evaluation and treatment of the fascial system. He is co-author of the Core Competencies in Osteopathy drawn up by ROI - Registro degli Osteopati d'Italia (Italian Register of Osteopaths), author of scientific publications and textbooks. He is also Research Manager of AISO - Associazione Italiana Scuole di Osteopatia (Italian Association Shools of Osteopathy), for which he is co-author of Core Curriculum in Osteopathy.

Ronald Broens
D.O. - MRO
Ronald Broens - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Due to personal positive experiences with osteopathy, I came into contact with this interesting vision on human functioning and I made the choice to do this education. I graduated in September 2019 as an osteopath at College Sutherland, Amsterdam.
Before I started studying osteopathy, I worked as a physiotherapist for 22 years in a hospital and currently in a rehabilitation center.
Since October 2019 I have my own osteopathy practice in Amsterdam.
I believe in a different and alternative view of physical functioning. I am convinced that regular and alternative care do not conflict each other.
In addition to a great interest in the human body, I already have hobbies. I like boxing, traveling and listening to music.
Carmine Castagna
D.O. BSc. Ost. PgCert. Edu. mROI (CC)
Carmine Castagna - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020  

Carmine Castagna, followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming an osteopath. He studied at the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia (ISO), Milan, completing the BSc (Hons) Ost degree course in 2008. From that year onwards he has been a practicing osteopath, as well as active in osteopathic education. In 2010, he became principal of the ISO, a full time osteopathic degree course college; in the same year he was chosen as vice-chairman for the education committee of the ROI Register of Osteopaths of Italy. Since 2012 is working on the professional profile of osteopaths in Italy. In 2013 is Italian deputy to the CEN (European Committee for Standardization), engaged in the definition of the professional profile of osteopaths in Europe. In 2014 he competed a postgraduate certificated in  academic and clinical education at the British School of Osteopathy . It’s actually involved in the writing of the core competence of osteopathy for the ROI, and member of the boar of Directors of the OsEAN.

Giacomo Consorti
Consorti Giacomo - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Giacomo Consorti is an Italian osteopath, teacher and researcher. He collaborated with the Sapienza University of Rome both for research purposes and as a teacher during a 1st level Master. He is a member of the Clinical-based Human Research Department of COME Collaboration and a teacher in the CERDO school (Rome), where he manages the relationships of the school with other international institutions, such as OsEAN. In 2012 he began his training in the field of medical education, pedagogy and didactics thanks to the SIPeM (Italian society of medical education). In the following years, he taught medical education, pedagogy and didactics for trainers of the health professions including osteopaths on behalf of SIPeM of which he is actually Communications Supervisor. He is collaborating with other institutions as ISO and AIMO. He is currently a board member of the ROI (Italian Register of Osteopaths).
Tim Daelemans
MSc. Ost. (DIU)
Tim Daelemans - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Tim Daelemans is a MSc. PT from the university of Leuven in Belgium. He graduated from the Flanders International College of Osteopathy and completed his MSc in Osteopathy at the university of Dresden. Currently he is the director of the Osteopathy Academy of FICO in Antwerp (Belgium), Warsaw (Poland), Krakow (Poland). He is head of the scientific research department and teaches at the academy. Tim is also an international post – graduate teacher on manipulation techniques and on disc pathology and semiology. He’s member of the international CEN committee that produced the draft for CEN document on services in Osteopathy. He’s a speaker on several international congresses worldwide. He conducts audits of osteopathic schools for the Austrian Standard Institut. He’s also the head and manager of a medical centre in Belgium.
Mario González
D.O. MSc.
Mario Luis Gonzalez Diaz - OsEAN Open Forum 2020   I am a Belgian-Spanish osteopath born in Belgium and resident in Spain since 2000.
Physiotherapist since 1988, trained in osteopathic schools in Belgium and Spain.
I have been a teacher in several countries through various private institutions in osteopathy, as well as collaborating in several University Masters in osteopathy, manual therapy and biomechanic
My interest in biomechanics led me to investigate this field, integrating research data within the osteopathic discourse, adapting scientific terminology within academic models in osteopathy.
I presented an MSc paper on knee joint kinematics and its involvement in the clinic.
My current clinical research for the PhD option field is focused on the electromyographic assessment of myofascial functions and their simultaneous assessment in ultrasonography.
My clinical approach emphasizes the integration of all systems of the body with minimal intervention on the elements responsible for the physiological adaptation of the patient.
Sandra Lois
D.O. MSc. P.T.
Sandra Lois - OsEAN Open Forum 2020   I am a spanish osteopath specialized in the approach of the visceral field and in the
perinatal care of women. Teacher in several countries through the FBEO (Formación Belga-
Española de Osteopatía), in which I also provide academic advise.
My view of the osteopathic approach emphasizes the integration of all body systems and
a therapeutic approach of minimal and precise intervention on the elements responsible of
the physiological adaptation by the patient.
I am currently president of the Spanish Registry of Osteopaths (ROE), from where I defend
the osteopathic profession under the European Standard on osteopathy (EN16686).
Velda Lulic
D.O. BSc.
Velda Lulic - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Velda Lulic is the Principal and Senior lecturer at the Hrvatska Akademija Osteopatije (HAO)/ Croatian Academy of Osteopathy. Co-founder of HAO. Designed the academic curriculum for HAO. Teaches most of the courses at the HAO.
Lecturer for the CEO in Canada and Switzerland (SICO), occasionally in Germany (DOK). Teaches the Heart course and the Cervical Spine for these schools.
Studies: Osteopathy at CEO, Montreal, BSc PT at Mc Gill University, Montreal.
Additional Activities: on the board of Ostéopathie Québec, Assessor for foreign applicants to Ostéopathie Québec.
Marcello Luca Marasco
D.O. MSc.
Marcello Marasco - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Marcello Luca Marasco is a D.O.M.R.O.I. since 2003. In the nineties he got first the degree in Motor Sciences and then in Physiotherapy. He became an osteopath studying to Italian Institute of Osteopathy (ISO) in Milan and in 2007 he completed his formation by studies as Relational Counselor. Now he is the owner of AbeOS Osteopathy school with three sites of Formation in Italy: Raiano, L’Aquila and Bologna. Marcello is also a teacher of the school, the didactic coordinator of the school and the head of the clinic. He is a post-graduate teacher mainly on synovial joints and hvla techniques. He’s member of AISO Core curriculum committee that is working on regulation about osteopath profession in Italy. He is the author of 4 books about osteopathy practice. Marcello works as an osteopath at his private practice in Raiano, L’Aquila, Bologna, Rome and Pescara and he is specialised on the sportsman’s treatment also collaborating with several sportif team.
Robert Muts
D.O. BSc.
Rob Muts - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020  

Study: Osteopathy (Belgium), Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.

Job: President of Osteopathic European Academic Network. Director of the College for Osteopathy Sutherland Amsterdam and the Academy of Mesology. Founder and director of the Integrated Medical Centre in Amsterdam, a centre for diagnosis and therapy in complementary health.

Specialty: Osteopathy in the visceral field, peritoneum and nutrician.

Jory Pauwels
D.O. MSc.
Jöry Pauwels - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2020   Jöry Pauwels (°1976) studied physiotherapy, manual therapy & education in teaching, continued at Flanders International College of Osteopathy, moving on from student to joint principal of FICO. Professionally Jöry is active at FICO, (private & FICO) clinic and high-end physical sport (national rugby team). Jöry teaches in a number of European countries on (osteopathic) treatment concepts, education, innovations in safe & efficient mid-range manipulations: fluid build-up & non-impulse techniques and on gynecology & obstetrics. Currently Jöry enjoys his 2 children, food & drink, telemarking (white slopes and majestic mountains), traditional karate (IOGKF), (motor)cycling, rugby and golf when recovering from previous activities. Mental tranquility is found in shooting. Jöry’s mission for the future is to further the development of OsEAN & osteopathic teaching, the expansion of FICO and being a father.
Inge Schuermans
Inge Schuermans - OsEAN Student Open Forum 2021   Inge Schuermans graduated from KU Leuven in 2006 as a master in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy with a specialization in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Stimulated by the work of colleagues, she started her osteopathy training at the Flanders International College of Osteopathy (FICO) in Antwerp, which was completed in January 2014 by presenting her final paper, namely the effect of osteopathy on snoring. Apart from the clinical work, she teaches at FICO in all aspects of osteopathy; biomechanics, soft tissue techniques, cranial and visceral. Her particular interest lies -for the moment- in biomedical physics.
If you want to work with people, you have to study many different things, that is why she also followed Applied Kinesiology (AK), neurostructural integration technique (NST), biodynamic aspects in osteopathy in children and, since 2016, evolutionary osteopathy (EVOST).
Barbara van der Leij
D.O. - MRO
Barbara van der Leij - OsEAN Open Forum Conference "Teaching the Working Principles of Osteopathy" 2020   Barbara van der Leij was born in Germany in 1973. In 2000 she moved to the Netherlands and lives there with her husband and two children. After high school she followed the study of surveying engineering. After working for many years in this profession she was treated by an Osteopath. Barbara was so impressed by the possibilities of osteopathic treatment that she said to herself "I want to learn Osteopathy" since then shehas never looked back.
Barbara started the study of osteopathy at College Sutherland in Amsterdam. In September 2019 she successfully completed this course and started her own practice.
Together with a fellow student she wrote her thesis on the subject: "Visceral diagnostics within Europa."