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Do you want to experience different schools of OsEAN and their point of view? Join the first Students Open Forum in Antwerp, Belgium on 20th & 21st September 2021.
How does Osteopathy work? What are the explanations of the effect of our techniques? To get a grip on the ‘how, why & what’ questions in explaining osteopathy.

The Students Open Forum is a unique way to meet fellow international osteopathic students with different backgrounds and get courses from international teachers who might have different approach than what you are used to.

The topics cover a wide range in osteopathy and so do the different points of view. There will also be a chance for you to participate in the Open Forum - Conference in the 2 days following and meet osteopaths, teachers and principals from all over Europe. Meet live the person whose books or articles you have read or heard about. Sign up for the first Students Open Forum, widen your osteopathy horizons, explore different osteopathic cultures and surf the wave of OsEAN!

These 2 days of courses only cost 75 euro and OsEAN is happy to help you organize accommodation and provide travel advise.

Registration opens 1st October 2020.


20th & 21st September 2021


FICO Osteopathy Academy Belgium, Santvoortbeeklaan 23, 2100 Antwerp, Belgium


75 Euros for both days