Sponsors Open Forum 2021

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 Anatomage is a leading medical device company driving innovation in medical education and healthcare industries. The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced virtual dissection table: With 4 real data frozen cadavers, 1:1 life size visualisation of the whole body, unique up to 0.2 mm resolution, the most accurate segmentation of the anatomy and thousands of CT, MRI, histology and prosection datasets, the Table will easily compliment and improve your medical and health sciences curricula.


On the basis of a scientific standardized and reproductible clinical method for assessing functional disorders and risk factors, Plaïad offers digital solutions "machine learning" for professionals, patients and other individuals.

  • Software for the analysis and recommendations regarding good professional practices.
  • A "platform" management software for monitoring chronic cases and for providing proposals for optimized collaborative care procedures.
  • A connected "companion" mobile application to enhance the commitment and quality of life of patients and other individuals.